Powered Exoskeleton Lower Limb Walking Aid Robot Zuowei ZW568

The walking assist device enable the paralyzed elderly to walk

Products Details

The intelligent walking aid robot ZW568 is a cutting-edge wearable robot. Two power units at the hip joint provide assisted power to extend and flex the thighs. The assistance will help you walk easier, save energy and improve your quality of life. With a small but powerful dual side power unit, providing sufficient power output for lower limb movement, up to 3 hours of continuous use. It can walk longer distances more easily, helping people with walking disabilities to recover their walking quality and climb up and down hills and stairs with less effort.● Assist users in have daily rehabilitation training by gait training exercises to improve body function ● For people who can stand alone and want to increase their walking ability and speed for daily walking use ● it is used to assist people with insufficient hip joint strength to walk , improve health and life quality.

Related Voltage

 220 V 50Hz


 DC 21.6 V

Endurance time

 120 min

Charging time

 4 hours

Power level

 1-5 grade


 515 x 345 x 335 mm

Working environments

 indoor or outdoor except rainy day

The product is composed of power button , right leg power unit, belt buckle, function key, left leg power unit, shoulder strap, backpack, waist pad, legging board, thigh straps.01. Robot no waterproof device, avoid water come into machine. 02. Wearing not ready but power up by mistake , turn off the machine at once. 03. Deduct robot have any abnormal condition when using. 04. Turn off the robot before loose the strap. 05. Make sure every connection correct before using if long time no work. 06. Forbidden to use for patient can't independent standing , walking andcontrolling balance. 07. Forbidden to use for heart disease, hypertension, ental disease patientsgravida, physically weak people and not suitable to independent standingwalking patients. 08. Body , ental or sense have problem ( children included ) , please operateunder the guardians supervision or guidance. 09. Strictly using this products follow up the product specifications. 10. In order to adapt the device, accompany with others in first using. 11. Forbidden to put robot close to children who touch available. 12. Forbidden to keep device close to water. 13. Forbidden to use any other battery and charger. 14. Forbidden to disassemble privately, fix or refit the device. 15. Forbidden to casually throw or place discarded batteries, submit to recyclingagencies. 16. Forbidden to open the housing. 17. Forbidden to splash any liquid on device surface or come into machine. 18. if power code broken or snapped off, stop using it, contact customer service. 19. Make sure device off in transportation, suggest to use original packaging.Provides sufficient power for lower limb movementSupport to connect over 10km outdoor walkingFit different stature s flexiblestructureSuitable for a variety of scenarios for instance Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Community Service Center, Door to door service, Hospices, Welfare facilities, Senior-care facilities, Assisted-living facilities.

Question type

Question   description



Robot using

Machine not work

Low  power


Signal light but no voice prompt

1.System Error


1.Use App connect Robot

recover to factory settings.

2.Adjust the voice in app.

Robot  abnormal


1.Insufficient battery  2.Initialization failed

1.Charging first

2.Turn off 5 sec,stand up re-boot

Robot no aid power

1.power too weak

2.Not reach the aid power condition

1.Press function key or using

App increase power grade. 2.Switch to other mode

Long/short press

function key no reaction

System  Error

1.Turn off and start again, after voice prompt,control  to use the function key



Install App fail

Operate system too low

Update the system

ICan't automatic


1.Mobile not open blue teeth

2.First connection

3.Robot connected via other mobile

4.Distance too far

1.open blue teeth,some mobile model need to located.

2.First connection need to search the blue teeth

device,manual selection.

3.Robot can't link two

programs,disconnect  one to another

4.Mobile close to robot( within 5 meters)

No blue teeth devices when  searching

1.Mobile not open blue teeth

2.Communication  error

3.Distance too far

1.open blue teeth,some mobile models need to be located.

2.Quit wechat program(

background  same),restart robot,open program to

connect again

3.Mobile close to robot( within 5 meters)

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